About - Michael Hanvey

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. I have long been fascinated by Australia's remarkable wildlife, particularly its diverse and often colourful birdlife. As a photographer, my aim is to create compelling images that document the behaviour, beauty and fragility of wild creatures.  

In Australia and across the globe, the natural world faces a formidable array of  threats that include climate change, habitat destruction,  poaching of vulnerable species and other consequences of widespread urbanisation. Many of the birds and animals that I am privileged to photograph today are in dire peril and indeed could be lost to future generations. This would be a tragedy that all of us should strive to prevent. 

Please note that all my images are copyright-protected and may not be downloaded, copied or used in any way without my written permission.

I hope that you enjoy the galleries and the website. New photos will be added often so if you are revisiting, please check the 'Recently Added' gallery for any fresh images.

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